About us

Our Firm

At Randl Partners’, we provide legal advice to businesses across Czech and internationally on all aspects of employment law.  This includes advising, representing and litigating on behalf of clients with respect to: collective bargaining, termination of employment, litigation, data protection, immigrations matters and much more.

Employment law services of Randl Partners are always provided on a tailor-made basis. We aim to provide our clients with advice that is customized to their exact needs. Clients are guaranteed to receive a professional, quality service that is delivered by our team of employment law experts.

Randls Training

Randls Training, an educational agency, offers training to the public in the areas of employment law, commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these areas, we also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy designed particularly for HR workers. In addition, we also organise training for English speaking managers.

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Ius Laboris

Randl Partners is member of Ius Laboris, a global alliance of leading HR law firms providing specialized services in employment law. Due to our membership, our clients benefit from having access to the best employment law services worldwide, as well as the unique possibility of cross-border projects coordination.

Member law firms of Ius Laboris prepare and regularly update a number of publications comparing important aspects of legal regulations in various countries (conditions of employment, dismissals, secondment, etc.)